The Climate Times website has been designed to be an organ of information and news relating to all aspects of climate change and the natural world, specifically relating to how we produce and use energy, and how we can best fight against the over-exploitation of our natural resources.  

We will produce and re-produce articles of information on the science of climate change and the ongoing situations regarding this. We will divide the articles and stories broadly into two categories: the good news, and the bad news, and again into two more categories: the global and the local.  

It is crucial that we understand the seriousness of the situation we find ourselves in regarding global warming, environmental destruction and the mass extinction of species, plastic pollution, air pollution etc. It is equally important that we know that we can fight these problems and that progress can be made in mitigating the worst effects.  

We would like to play a role in education so future generations will not repeat the same mistakes we have made.  

While global problems can seem too vast to comprehend and act upon, we believe the secret to any success in combating the worst effects lie in local and personal action, combined with exertion of pressure on government. We will collate information regarding activities in Galway and Ireland – the local – as well as reporting on events from around the globe. Since this project started we have seen the actions of schoolchildren inspired by Greta Thumberg, and Extinction Rebellion in Britain and other countries.  

In short, The Climate Times will provide well-sourced information, and cite all sources on the website. We will report actions taking place in our locality, and hopefully inspire action too. The key words are: information, education, and action.