The Climate Times is a new website that will publish on all areas pertaining to the environment and the climate emergency that we now find ourselves in. All fact-based articles must cite their sources of information to be published. We welcome articles that help in education and our understanding of science, and in our understanding of energy. The production of food, how we travel, how we clothe ourselves, how we work. Everything is linked, somehow, to energy and its sources, including our education, our health, and our leisure.

We welcome articles relating to culture and the environment. And to culture and the climate emergency. How should art respond to this climate emergency? How should we be living our lives in these times? What can we justify, and what is ethically, or morally, unjustifiable?

And we strongly welcome informative articles on the positive benefits of clean air, earth and water; of collective endeavour and community, and of common purpose in the face of existential catastrophe. We want to hear the good stories to the same degree as we must not bury our heads and close our ears and eyes to the bad ones. Our fear is lessened by education, and our hope is strengthened by our sharing of the good.

Our awareness of climate change and its causes is growing exponentially, as, of course, is the crisis. Along with this growth in awareness is a growth in fear, panic and anxiety, which in turn must lead to a growth in collective action, as well as well as personal reflection in all of us. We must understand better and participate in the political process, not least of all by voting. And we should seek to better understand the economic and social consequences of our actions, and of our inactions.

In this, the Galway Edition, we would like to publish everything there is to know about all levels of goings-on as regards these issues generally, but very much locally, so everyone in the county can contribute to a debate on a common platform. Our transport system and the new plans – a twenty-year plan to have a car-free city centre that involves a new bridge and more road-building to alleviate the growing transport needs of a growing population. What are the details, plainly put, and what could the alternatives be? Could the hundreds of millions spent on a new bridge be better-spent in these dwindling years of opportunity to correct what has been one of the greatest of human follies, which is to allow the private motor car to dominate our cities, pollute our air, and break up our communities?

Cruise ships are an increasing feature of Galway life. We will publish the material effects of these ships have to the ocean and to the atmosphere and the air we breathe. For this information we will look to Friends of the Earth who publish an annual appraisal of the cruise ship industry. And we will publish the dates when these ships will come into Galway Bay.

Finally, we would like The Climate Times to be a truly independent, non-profit platform for local groups to advertise, debate and contribute to a better understanding of how to best influence and effect change and improvement in our collective health and happiness. What can we do? Can we stop these ships and let them know they are not welcome here, or anywhere? Can we force quicker action on the catastrophic car-ruled transport system? Can we encourage a healthier and more educated diet? Can we think of immediate and effective ways of bettering our city and county in ways that contribute to a better planet? Can we bring ourselves closer to nature, and can we bring nature back from the brink?

Your contribution to and participation in this project is sought and welcomed.

Go to the contact section and tell us more about you and how you can be part of the change.

Bernie Logan